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City 9000 Aalborg
Country Denmark
Aalborg-Egholm Ferry
City Agersoe
Region Skaelskoer
Country Denmark
Agersoe Ferry
City Hurup Thy
Country Denmark
Agger Ferry
City Askø Town
Country Denmark
Askoe Ferry
City Avernakoe
Country Denmark
Avernakoe Ferry
City Bøjden
Country Denmark
Boejden Ferry
Region Bogø
Country Denmark
Bogø Ferry
City Selde
Country Denmark
Branden-Fur Ferry
Region Aarhus
Country Denmark
Ebeltoft Faergenhavn
City Egense
Country Denmark
Egense-Hals Ferry
City Egholm by
Country Denmark
Egholm-Aalborg Ferry
City Faaborg
Region Funen
Country Denmark
Faaborg-Avernakø-Lyø Ferry

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