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had to get gas arrived at 4:40 and called the number on the sign and they said they didn't do that at the end of the day and was very rude called back and asked them what time they did it till and he said 4:45 and I said I just called and it wasn't 4:45 yet then I was talked to very rudely again and said he thought that was very funny and was hung up on very rude no customer service find another marina

Marina Response:
We apologize for your inconvenience but you called after our cut off time of 4:45 and you were not at the dock as our cameras show AND our dockhand went out to make sure nobody was waiting. Your calling back to back to back and hanging up on us was not only rude but also very childish. We hope you had a better rest of the night. Tierra Verde Marina
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lived there over the last 3 years as a live abroad at the marina and spent thousands of dollars living there and only ended up continuing to stay there for a while because no other marina had openings had lots of problems with management just like other people had posted on this site my boat was hit several times by freedom boat club renters and hit several other boats that were close by and with no apologies lots of problems with security and cameras that don't work and no on site security other people posted about the pool being closed I have a email that said it should only be closed a few days was still closed after leaving so it's been a couple months now after the marina was bought by safety harbor I assumed things would change it seems like all they wanted to do was put more money into the restaurants and new lifts and not the rest of the marina or docks or long term live abroads lots of things recently stolen from the parking lot including friends motorcycles and non residents using all the facilities at night and a dock master that didn't seem to care safety harbor should do them selves a favor and find a new dock master and some on site security after I expressed my feelings and concerns with management my lease was broken and they still have my deposit do your self a favor and check out the other marinas on the river that have a lot of upgrades and new floating docks

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