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You should visit Otter Bay Marina if you enjoy openly hostile service. We moored there this July, 2018. It started off with an angry person over VHF 66A. It actually caused us all to laugh as we had never heard that kind of negative attitude from a marina ever. The owner was on the dock as we pulled into the slip. A member of my crew tossed her a line causing the owner to admonish, "Don't throw that line at me!" She then pulled us into dock and my crew member attempted to de-board only to be told, "Stay on the boat." After a few moments of starring at us she then allowed us onto her dock. As we were tying the owner kept barking, "fender, fender, fender." We had deployed three fenders but apparently she required four? The owner then told us we would settle up at the office. We went up to the office and it was closed. After 45 minutes of waiting I informed the crew we needed to find other portage as Otter Bay Marina was proving to have zero interest in customer service. My crew convinced me to stay as they were quite entertained by this owner's behavior. I went back to the docks to inquire when I would be able to pay. She replied, "I don't know I guess between 1 PM and 6 PM." I was told to just keep checking back at the office and when she is there I can pay. Her affect was snide and dismissive. It was the most unpleasant interaction I have ever had with a harbor master in the 45 years I've boated the Salish Sea. I went back to the crew and pleaded that we leave this place. My crew was just more intrigued by this owner's negative persona (I assume she was the owner as an employee would surely have been fired treating customers that way). I'll spare you the rest of the interactions we had that day. Honestly, it did become entertaining. That next morning I was convinced we had to order breakfast from her. The thought of giving this business anymore of my cash made me ill. It was worth the show. We not only got awful food but at least the service was the same... She gave all of us our breakfast except my wife. After another thirty minutes my wife went in to inquire about her breakfast. The owner was just sitting there doing nothing. She begrudgingly went back to the kitchen and brought out my wife's food. It did not disappoint, it to ended up in the trash after a few bites. My sadistic crew wants to return next year for another show. As the captain, I'm leaving that destination off of the float plan.

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