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I was completely underwhelmed by the whole marina situation! We had reservations and therefore should have had a specific spot for our boat to be docked. If there were no spots for it than the reservation should not have been taken. My husband was told to park the boat next to the rental boat area. Huge mistake! He didn’t feel right about it because he was worried about inexperienced boaters. We went out to move our boat and before we could get in, there was a rental boat coming in. They hit our boat of course and scratched up the paint on the side. Thank goodness it didn’t do more damage because the guy panicked and floored the boat. The marina was extremely choppy and not very protected. Our boat kept hitting up against the CONCRETE dock. Needless to say, we will be doing unplanned patchwork and painting to the boat after two days! Definitely not worth the risk and would never put the boat there again. We have a 27’ Conch. Bigger boats might fair well there, unfortunately we did not. We could not get into our room until 4 pm which is really late in my opinion. We dropped the boat at the marina at 1 and then wandered around until the texted at 4. Felt like a wasted day. If you stay at the main hotel, you will take a shuttle to the beach. The resort is really spread out on the land. The pool bar restaurant area is nice to sit with the kids and relax. Overall it is ok. Probably would pick a different place next time. With a late check in and early check out, it cuts into your overall time at the resort.

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