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By and large a lovely stay. Two suggestions for improvement: One of the things we had heard was that overnight mooring patrons receive complementary coffee and blueberry muffins in the morning. I wanted to confirm but the message I got back via the Dockwa chat indicated that the sender wasn't sure. It was as if the marina and the restaurant were two distinct entities that didn't communicate. So, we packed our own. Sure enough, a friendly dockhand delivered the coffee and muffins just after 8:00. And they were delicious. The other item was the timing of when launch service stops. 6:00 p.m. (this was Saturday of Labor Day weekend 2022) We would have eaten in the restaurant but felt we would be rushed through our dinner. So because of their early end of launch service, we bought lobster rolls from Erica's next door to take back to our mooring. Seems like the labor charge for extending the launch service two hours would easily have been offset by the profit gained by allowing mooring customers to eat dinner beyond 6:00. But we'll be back. We had a very god experience with the dock hands and the facilities in the dock house.

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