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The place is falling apart. I was there for a while and could not continue to keep my boat there. The electrical to pedestals is dangerous. There were numerous electrical fires and issues. There was a 100ft boat that burnt. On another dock I hear there were insurance claims over 100k between a few boats. The fresh water to the dock breaks every few weeks. the pump outs don't work half the time and when they do there are no hoses or fitting that function. The WiFi is non existent on the dock. In high winds the cleats pull lose. Most of the fingers where the larger yachts tie up are broken. They are tying 60-80ft boats up to fingers that have zero structural strength. The docks are twisted and full of oysters. There were zero repairs or maintenance done while I was there. The residents seem to hate the marina members and Lennar Homes the owners use this falling down marina as their flag ship to sell homes. Good luck as this place is a ticking time bomb.

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