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I transported my boat to Conanicut Marine Services in March of 2021 to have some repairs done before an Offshore race starting at the beginning of June. I supplied a written prioritized list and a surveyors report. I was assured all the work would be done well in time for the race I also personally went to the yard to go over the the required work. As of now - nearing the middle of June - nothing has been done as far as I know and I have had to withdraw from the race - the first time in 40 years that I've missed it. I say as far as I know because the yard does not respond to my emails. I was told however that the yard has lost experienced workers and that the yard' s future is uncertain. My advice to anybody seeking to have work done on their boat is to avoid this place like the plague. This is an update to my previous review It is now November My boat has been in the yard since March I had 2 prioritised repairs to be done which I could not do myself I had a professional marine surveyor lay out the work to be done I gave the yard the list at the end of 2020 and they said they could do the repairs. I transported the boat to them in March 2021 and specified that the work had to be done before the beginning of the race in June. This is all in writing. But after a while I tried to get an update on the work. There was no reply from them. I missed the race and wasted thousands of dollars on race associated preparations. I was then asked to hire another surveyor to tell them how to do the repairs because they apparently did not know how. This was done. But apparently they still do not have the expertise to do what seems to be routine boat repairs. So, now after 9 months or so they say they will send it out. Which I could have done myself. there seems to be no in house technical expertise or sense of responsibility. I thought my previous review would encourage them to deal their job - but apparently not. I repeat my previous recommendation to avoid this place like the plague if you are seeking a timely and competent repair

Marina Response:
Dear Bungo, Reviews like this are helpful, as we take a minute to review procedures, check the lines of communication with our customers and then check the outcomes. The boat yard is for sale, as of March 2021, but the initial service request came in July 2020, so it had no impact on this. Our service manager, who was away when the initial call came in, reviewed the photos and preliminary worklist submitted over several back-and-forth phone calls in September 2020. The plan was to have the boat trucked to CMS in the fall of 2020 for the work to be completed before spring 2021. However, the boat didn’t arrive at CMS until March 18, 2021—at which point a request was made by CMS to meet aboard the boat to discuss the desired work list. The meeting was on April 19, 2021. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the boat yard is now crushed with work that has already been confirmed and scheduled and there is no further capacity. We very much regret the unfortunate circumstances, however, CMS prides itself on good customer service and has built up a loyal customer base because of it—and we certainly would like to complete this project and get it to the next boat race, so, if possible, please call 401-423-1556 x203 and speak with Bill directly to discuss next steps. Thank you and thanks for this opportunity to share a response.
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