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The place itself is not new but it's nice enough. Dockmaster Phil was very helpful and professional, while he was there. Our good time in Melbourne Harbor ended when it got dark though, because of the rowdy drunk young couple staying on a Bertram with no name on the main dock. Loud music, yelling and arguing (with each other and also with other people around the place), and general rude drunkeness from these two is all we heard, ALL NIGHT LONG. The little blonde female (I will NOT call her a lady) was actually worse than the ugly little jerk she was with, but they were both pretty bad. She has a nasty sailor's mouth. I can't belive the things I kept hearing her say (scream really). Some people should not be allowed to drink alcohol. I kept hoping one or both of them would stumble off the docks into the water, and they did come very close several times, but we weren't that lucky. Finally we decided that we couldn't take these two anymore, and so we untied our boat and left the harbor around 10:30 to anchor in the river. That's right we LEFT the harbor in the DARK, after paying to be there for the night, because we couldn't take these obnoxious annoying loud drunk people anymore. They were that bad. They looked to be long term marina residents, not transients, so I will not repeat Melbourne Harbor. Businesses should monitor their customers and facilities better than this, as in hire some security to chase away the riff raff when they've had too much to drink

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