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Realize the marina is under renovation but a little effort to ease the inconvenience would have been appreciated. For the time being it is a good hike t through the construction to the office and the bath house. Power reliability is dodgy. At full price I might have expected at least an effort to move people from the boat yard docks to the office via golf cart or free bikes. Will be nice eventually but can’t recommend this marina this season.

Marina Response:
Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. Our marina staff have been making every effort to advise everyone at the time of booking that we are undergoing marina construction and as a result transient all vessels are being located at our boatyard slips. There is unavoidably some disruption on the marina site, but most people understand this to be a necessary evil in order to rebuild the docks and bulkheads in their entirety. If you were familiar with the state of the old bulkheads prior to breaking ground last January, you will understand exactly how important this project is to us. Our rates are indeed unchanged from 2019 at $2.50/ft per night. Whether or not you consider this "full price" is a matter of perspective. When I joined Oxford Boatyard in 2004 we were charging $2.00/ft per night for a slip at the boatyard, and now here we are 16 years later charging just 50 cents more. I don't think there is more to add to that, other than I think it would be wise to anticipate rates will increase after our multi-million dollar marina infrastructure investment is complete next summer. Free bikes would indeed be a nice touch, but unfortunately we have found it necessary to obtain a security deposit to ensure bikes are returned after use. You may find this surprising, but if there is no fee, they tend to get abandoned all over town and sometimes even underwater in unoccupied slips! Sounds crazy until you're the one "fishing" for a bicycle! I am investigating the electrical issue. As far as I can tell it is affecting just one outlet on the piling between H3 and H4? From what I understand Jeff & Wes were able to get you hooked up to a different outlet, so hopefully you were not without power for long. Hope to see you next season. Graham Norbury General Manager
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