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I loved Banana Bay when I first arrived..the boaters were like family. In August, everything changed, as management shifted to some of the most arrogant, inexperienced people at the office and the dockmaster started barking orders without even knowing the people or having knowledge of the boaters there. On the second day of new management we were ordered that Everything was to be removed, bikes, dock boxes, our plastic chairs ect! We were told they were fire hazards!!! Right!!! Don’t talk to us or treat us like 3 year olds! Most of the live a boards are educated people. The fire hazards are the pedestals, 3 boats hooked into one at a couple locations as most don’t work. That is the true hazard! Cable is non existent although promised, the hot tub has been out of order for a year or more, and two weeks ago the pool was operating without a pump to circulate and clean(a major issue due to disease)…the bathrooms are disgusting…not sure how often they are cleaned in a months time…have yet to see a clean one … we are not allowed to buy ice from the Marina ice box…it is for the motel since no machines work there! Constantly being threatened to remove our items off dock (what they didn’t take (steal) from us..we were given 48 hours to remove or they would. Our fire hazard chairs went up to the employees house for them to use! (Managements Family I believe) …and they charge resort prices for the place..we had friends visit and stay there…I was so sorry we recommended as we didn’t know how lazy the front office can be, they don’t answer phones, take the front parking spaces that should be for customers and I could continue on! The little yard maintenance girl is the only one I’ve seen working her butt off…doing to many jobs with to many hats! Are we (the business) looking for a tax write off so we run the business into the ground??? So yes it was a good feeling to leave, before I’m threatened to be kicked out for saying anything to see fair treatment to your boaters, your clients, your livelihood…one star is to much for this dirty place!

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