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Cost more than doubled from last year. Refused to allow us to use restroom and showers after paying $71. Made us go online and download applications and mess with all sorts of lame questions about beam length, etc., while bouncing around and being thrown back and forth out on the water. We had to wait for a call telling us if the Marina would "allow" us to stay while dealing with crashing waves and trying to figure out a plan B if they turned us away. The marine office knew nothing about their own Marina. We had questions about the channel markers leading to the Marina. She didn't know what we were talking about. There was no warning about how to best handle the wind and current so we couldn't dock where we were supposed to. Where she told us to first go was impossible. So we ended up at the Club dock and it was so choppy that I litterally got sea sick while docked at a marina.... unheard of!!! One of the dock clets was so loose it would pull up then loudly smash back down on the dock. We needed to get off the horrible conditions on the dock because it was making me sick so we went to the store which was unbelievably over priced. The chairs outside unbelievably un comfortable. There was no warning about the low tide conditions for leaving. The tide got so low we were churning up mud all over the place and we only have a 3 foot draft. We were amazed that they don't have gas when they have gas pumps right there.

Marina Response:
We are very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience while visiting our location. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you more about the issues you experienced. Please feel free to call our office at your convenience (415) 454-7228.
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