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I had my boat in the marina for over 5 years, and transitioned with the marina from private owned to co-operation owned marina. Very poor Management have driven this marina down, they added hidden extra fees on every stored boat , you will have to pay extra to get your boat flushed or covered, or cleaned or charged. 150-330 $ a month, extra As a result they refused to cover my boat which resulted in rust and dripping from stored boat above it . Very scary boat service practice , be aware of asking you to do unneeded extra repair on your boat, I''ll not trust any advice on service without external mechanic. Finally when I hired outside electrician to check some circuit they asked to charge there high service rate, he explained his frustration that this is the only marina with that unacceptable practice . Good location for a a transit , but be aware for long term , diffidently non trust worthy service and management

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