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My wife and I been to Otter Bay for 10 years. We had heard they had made nice changes to the facility. We anchored out and came in by dinghy. We were met at the dock by an older gentleman and told to tie up was $10. We said we just wanted to see the facility and get some supplies at the store. We were told "everyone who comes to Otter Bay has to pay and that applies to you also"! Wow, we were blown away. I asked if I had to pay for the privilege of spending money at the store and was told yes. We went back tot he boat and called to cancel our name from their wait list. We were told we could come to the dock if we wanted but that charging was their standard policy. We came back with and as we and our dog got out of the dinghy (after being met by a young dock worker) a voice came over the radio saying "make sure those people get that dog on a leash." We hadn't been on the dock 10 seconds. The dock worker said his boss has "eyes in the sky". We walked around, was not addressed by anyone, went in the store and left. We won't ever go back. There are so many nice places to go with nice people I don't have to waste my time at Otter Bay.

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