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This is a total bait and switch. If you are a larger boat, they will put you at Brewers Boatyard which is quite the distance from the nice bathhouses, clubhouse and swimming pool. To get to the main marina, you have to walk out to the main road, pass a public beach and some condos to get to the entrance. The view from the boatyard is terrible, there aren’t grills or grassy areas with tables. This should be listed as a separate marina since the amenities are no where near the same. If I wanted to spend my evening in a boatyard with a huge gravel parking lot behind the dock and a huge red boat lift in the way...then this would have met my needs. Yuck!!!!

Marina Response:
We apologize again for you not having a great experience. Since the time we were bought by Brewer in 2014, and later, Safe Harbor in 2016, The Marina side and Boatyard side have been combined as one. When making reservations we urge you to add specific requests if needed or a desired docking location. Depending on availability, we will do our best to accommodate. Also, be mindful that weekends and holidays should be booked well in advance. We do offer transportation between the boatyard and Marina via our Van, golf cart or bicycles. Thank you.
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