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We keep our boat in Genoa Bay which is not too far away from Otter Bay. Last week were were on our way home from Winter Cove Park and decided to drop the lunch hook in Otter Bay and take the dinghy over to the marina coffee shop for an espresso and something from their baked treats. We have done this in the past as well as having stayed there. Like the reviews noted below we were met with the most rude dock manager possible. All we did was explain that we were going to spend some money there for a treat while on our way home in nearby Genoa Bay. He was accusatory to boaters in general, leave garbage swim in the pools and made bar remarks about boaters in general. He wanted $10 from my and my wife. I noted we were not intending to swim or drop garbage off as he could see by the empty dinghy and I wasn't about to spend $20 to buy a coffee. I then asked if we were in a car and drove here if we would have to pay $20 to go into their store. He actually replied no because they aren't boaters. Hard to believe he is in the business of providing hospitality to boaters. Definatley not the typical marina you will find everywhere else in the Gulf Islands and San Juans. I've sailed from Alaska to San Francisco and most points in between. This is a sad first. I'll never return as long as these type of people own the marina.

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