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this is a joke of marina, no water circulating inside the marina. The water had a stench of dead water like no mother marina i have ever visited. All boats that park there have algae growing on them(not just a little)up 4 inches long. There are no proper walkways to make it over to the take out on site, we had to walk barefoot on gravel to get there. the docks are seperated in 2, with no way to walk from one to the other, so again we had to walk barefoot in the gravel to visit anoyher boater we knew. when i voiced my concern to some of the staff, i was asked if i had a dock purchased there, if not is was realy none of my concern. I hear it used to be nice but bad management had brought the place down over the years. However the boaters parked there were very nice and extremly hospitable, the only upside. The only reason i gave it 1 star is because this program required me to in order to post this. It should be on the negative side

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