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Blue Rocks is one of the most quant fishing towns in Canada. Its beauty is unparalleled, and is the ultimate destination for cruisers and tourists alike. The bays of the area are very popular with kayakers who come to explore glaciated terrain rich with wildlife. Sheep graze side-by-side with deer, and Great Blue Herons wade in the shallows. Although the 3 small harbours of the community offer no fuel or marinas per se, bed and breakfast operations abound. Safe anchorage can be found in any of the small inlets. Tidal range is 5 feet and semi-diurnal. Anchorage in exposed locations will find rocky bottom and poor holding. Shallow draft boats arriving at high tide can navigate by seaman's eye into the lagoons behind the reefs. Just seaward, the former destroyer Saguenay has been sunk to form a diving reef. Just across the bay are the famous sea caves called the Ovens. These grottos are the result of the forces of nature and the diggings of man over 100 years ago during a gold rush. Today the Ovens are a prominent tourist destination. Just 7 kilometres distant, Lunenburg is the home to Canada's most historic ship, the Bluenose. The town features many of Nova Scotia's best restaurants, art galleries, museums and craft stores. You can spend a week in this small town and never tire of its charms. Consequently, many tourists make their summer homes here; mansions are built side by side with century old Cape Cod homes.

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