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DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! My boyfriends family and I rented what we thought was a newer fishing vessel for his fathers 70th birthday to go fishin and swimming. On arrival the parking is horrible and then we were blessed with a 20 year old skiff that was seen on Gilligans island (yes that old!). We were also directed To take a picture of the prop and as we did we noticed the prop had only 2 of the 3 blades as my boyfriend then asked the guy how these pics would show any dents we could cause as there were so many dings already on the prop. The worker replied well you’ll have pics to prove it. At that point we should’ve just canceled our reservation. Trust me it only got worse from here... The boat was filthy. The depth finder never worked correctly and the boat would not go over 3 mph the entire time. We picked the boat up at 9 am and had it reserved the entire day. After a quick stop on razor back island where you couldn’t swim due to rocks or walk on the beach due to broken and cracked shells we returned it 3 hours later after realizing the boat would not go on plane. To be fair we requested only half of the boat rental fee, however we were met with defensive rude staff that refused to refund any money blaming user error despite my boyfriend being an avid boater. We did what we had to do by declining the charges on our credit card. This marina is poorly managed and the only top reviews on this site are written from the staff there. What a sh*t show. I do not recommend this place.

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