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BEWARE! On January 19th 2019 around midnight police responded to a call at The Galleon in Key West Florida regarding illegal discrimination against a service animal and her owner. As we were was walking our trained and marked service animal, resort staff repeatedly informed us we were unable to walk our service dog across the resort property. When informing them this was an actual service animal (not emotional support), they still insisted it was not allowed on property. When we were forced to walk back across this property later that evening (as it is impossible to not get to our vessel without walking on this resort dock) we were again informed we were not permitted to walk the dog on resort property. We were NOT using their grounds for a bathroom for the service animal and they repeatedly accused us that we didn't have a bag. After informing them that we were simply stationed at the marina docks, and not using their property as a urinal, the security guard became very irate and police were called and a report was filed so as to have records of the incidents about the service dog illegal limitations. After police arrived and they informed management they had to let us pass due to federal law about service animals. The next morning the management staff again harrassed us regarding our service animal. Greg, senior management, asked if we had the dog at every point when walking off property and that because we had left the dog on the boat that someone was obviously not disabled. While becoming confrontational Greg was then approached by an unleashed and untrained dog who proceeded to urinate in front of him. This didn't cease his humiliating behavior towards us and our service dog.

Marina Response:
This review is factually inaccurate. The Galleon Marina is a pet friendly marina and we have many guests stay with us every week who have pets. The Galleon Resort does permit Service Animals and complies with all ADA requirements. At no time were these guests or their service animals denied access to any guest accessible area of The Galleon Resort.
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