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Went there to dock my boat and left within a month. Everyone there is on cocaine or weed, the employees sell drugs in the parking lot and the food is terrible. Had to wait over a half hour for a burger, ordered a beef taco and it was terrible! It was like they swept the meat off the floor! Lot's of drunken barflies (regulars) at the bar all the time, a very sleezy looking bunch! Had numerous electronics stolen from my boat in the first week. hey claim they have a security gate but they don't it doesn't even work! The security cameras are all broken and apparently stuff gets stolen from the boats all the time, usually by employees. Even the employees warned me not the get my boat repainted there as I had planned, they said the work is very shoddy and a couple owners old me about how bottom jobs mysterious start peeling off within a month. They say it's because they thin your paint out 50% and resell the extra. The shop manager ronnie is total POS, lies through his teeth about everything, ou can tell he is concerned mainly with screwing you over. Find somewhere else to go , this place is the armpit of ALL marinas!

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