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Boats are close together, so at times you feel you could high-five a neighbor, or you can hear their conversation very clearly, when the boats swing out of sync. But, ultimately, they're just safe enough, I think. I did see a couple boats move after they clearly felt "trapped" between other boats. The rate is very fair at $45/night, and the free water barge and pump outs are awesome. The price of the launch gets a little annoying. So, today, we 3 went into town to do grocery shopping... round trip was $24+tip, for a total $28. Then we went for a bike ride, and the bikes cost $2 each way. So, $36+tip for a total of $40. Effectively, in and out of town 2x added $68 to our $45/night fee, for a total of $113 for the night. Still a lot cheaper than a slip, but keep that in mind.

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