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I had a boat there for almost a year. This is a great group of people. Tracy office manager and Audrey at front desk do a wonderful job keeping everything straight. They are a couple of really nice, very friendly, professional and good-looking too gals. Oops. Service manager Brendan one of the easiest people to get along with I have ever known. Answered every question I had. Always did my repairs very quickly, and they are busy, and I never felt like I was overcharged. Very nice to have known you Brendan and your great group of service guys. Thank you for all of your help Brendan. And Bubba ,what can I say, another great guy. Thanks for helping me with everything. Man I appreciated it so much. Even in the heat and rush this man always has a good attitude. Danny’s all business and that is ok too. Lets get it done, and he does and everybody can appreciate that. Great job and thanks. Thank you to all the good folks at Taylor Creek Marina that made my experience there 5 stars.

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