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Typically a great marina. This experience however was anything but. We arrived to find we were backed into a 46’ carver with an anchor 2’ away from our exit door ( and faces walking off) which was extremely dangerous. I should note that we have a regal 35sc. We had only 8 ‘ of dock to work with on our port side so we tied off to the top of the bulkhead. To the carver and to the boat next to them. Needless to say it was not a very stable setting. Only had enough room to get off. the dock is extremely make shift to tie a boat off on and. To walk on. So we dealt with that. We went out for dinner on our last night to find that out 2 coolers had been stolen right off of our boat. The dock hand saw first hand the situation and apologized profusely. We had the dock hand call the owner and he simply stated that if we didn’t like it to go somewhere else. Classy you think? Sooo. Although this was a memorable stay it was not the good kind of memorable and is most likely our last due etonthe owners comments.

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