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Oak Harbor MarinaFeb 15, 2020

Probably a very nice place as a customer especially since they get their money from you but do not be employed by them. Son worked for them. Admittedly son Was a knucklehead. called out too many times so rightfully got fired. This place wasn’t going to pay for the work days he did show up for. And attempts to get his rightful paycheck were responded to by Dave with belligerence and defensiveness. So if they get money from you they are probably very nice. But if you are owed money you are entitled too from them they don’t want to pay you. Not paying for earned work hours is Illegal and called slavery. To add one day later and something I was not aware of yesterday that Dave was belligerent and bullying to my kid. My some never mentioned this to me until later. Maybe why my kid did not want to go to work BUT still my message to my kid is show up to one job while looking for another job. In the end what I’ve experienced is this guy was super mean to peeps younger than him and not his same gender. There is a name for that.

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