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UPDATE: The bathroom was dirty. The women's was even LOCKED. I understand and acknowldege your technology issue. You should have a backup plan. Put a name and number in the window of the building. Do something to facilitate some communication with your customers. At the end of the day we are all paid via customer service. You are very fortunate to have a spectacular city "Sister Bay" to be the destination. Original Review: This is a horrid marina. The women's bathrooms was inaccessible. The Mens was absolutely filthy. The showers especially. The literature stated there would be someone there till 4pm. We arrived at 3:15 and no one around. We had to contact DOCAWA for internet code and bathroom code. When arriving we were told to be on channel 9. No one was monitoring CH9. We called the marina via cell phone and no one answered. HUGE improvements are needed in STAFF and facility. This is a very busy marina. Don't know why it can't be better.

Marina Response:
I again want to apologize for the misunderstanding. As I stated through OUR DOCKWA chat , there was an internal error and we did not have a record of your reservation for that day. Due to the slow activity (2 arrivals) we decided early that morning to close 2 hours early to let our staff have a few extra hours to regroup and prepare for another busy weekend. Had we had your reservation in the system, we most certainly would have contacted you ahead of time, as we did with our other arrivals, to determine what your arrival time would be. As for your comments regarding the bathrooms, we do not have 24 hour bathroom attendants on staff, however, we do clean, sanitize and stock all of our bathrooms several times throughout the day. I imagine that had your arrival been a more pleasant experience you would not have been as inclined to rate us 1* nor make harsh comments regarding our staff. We try our best to provide exceptional service to everyone and I am sorry we failed to do so with you. And I again apologize for the mistake in your reservation. Technology is not as full proof as we would like it to be and unfortunately errors due happen from time to time. We just hope that people understand. I do hope in the future when in Door County that you find another Marina in our beautiful area that will better meet your needs. Regards, Amy- Marina Manager
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