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Winter 2020, thumbs down. While aesthetically pleasing on the surface, it’s quite a disaster. In 2020 the place sold out the interests of those who want reasonable access to their boats in favor of the new restaurant. The new restaurant was given exclusive access to prime parking spots and parking lots and on the north side. The north side marina with hundreds of boaters were left with 38 parking spots (from the entrance all the way down to the bridge). The parking signs all look extremely similar with the same shape and color but they are not. One mistake (even with your parking pass in the window) gets you a $150 parking boot. If you enjoy parking many football fields away, this may be the place for you. If you are into trains, the tracks are real close and the train whistle is loud. If you need adult entertainment there is an adult club across the way. If you need exercise, the center of town is a long walk. BBQ’s are non existent. The yacht club room which one would think would be used for boaters is leased out to a private caterer. The association fees for unit owners and slip holders is higher than some top rated locations. The place is shallow and a 4.6 draft kicks up tremendous mud which gets in the intakes. Spoke to the captain today of a Viking sportfish who said he was permanently removing his boat because of the depth and two hours later he was gone. It’s sad because someone did spend a boat load of money to make the place look good but the lack of reasonably close parking destroys it. The person who negotiated the lease with the restaurant made a huge mistake. The parking for the hundreds of boaters is atrocious. However, the restaurant, they have Been given prime front row parking even for then valet attendants/runners who can parking a car 20 feet from the restaurant.

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