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We spent over two months at SIMV and had a wonderful experience. Not only are the facilities top notch, restaurants very good, and marina crew are very very helpful. We had a particularly good experience with Meredith, Taylor, Kyle, Misty, Jamie, and Chase. That’s not to say everyone else wasn’t also great, but we interacted most with these individuals and they impressed us enough to remember each of their names with their excellent quality service. We gave the marina a 5, but I think that all places could use honest feedback in order to grow, so I will say that the one issue that I wish was improved is the amount of trash daily in the marina. It is so much and I see SIMV crew try to pull some out, but it is still so much I find myself surprised at how it just sits there. I’ve even looked for a net and pulled a bunch out myself. Overall, I highly recommend SIMV to all mariners and boaters. It is a wonderful place to visit.

Marina Response:
Thank you for this fabulous review and for choosing to spend your Key West vacation for over two months with us! We're truly honored to be your home away from home and are so happy you enjoyed the amenities and the service from our team members - they truly make all the difference! And thank you for your feedback regarding the trash in the harbor - we completely agree its an ongoing issue as we pull an average of 10,000 pounds of trash out annually. It's very disheartening that much trash/litter ends up in our waterways and unfortunately with direct access to the ocean, that trash finds its way into our marina/Safe Harbor. Thankfully we can remove most of it, but hopefully we can increase staffing soon to make an even bigger impact for our mariners. Thank you again for choosing to stay with us and share your experience, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon!
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