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We went to Rose Point Marina to have our boat tuned up for the season and address issues with stalling and poor acceleration. We got our boat back after a week after having to call the marina and remind them we were still waiting. The boat was running worse then before and the carburetor had not even been cleaned despite the shop time that was charged for working on the carb. We brought it back to give them the opportunity to make good on the work we had paid them for. After another week and several phone calls on our part, as well as a new bill, we were told that Holly carburetors are finicky and that was as good as it could be. We were told that they didn't have time for us and the manager refused to tell us the amount of the bill over the phone. We never received a call to tell us when the boat was ready. We were charged shop time at a rate of $95/hour which seems high given the level of competence that was displayed. The costumer service was rude and almost hostile.

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