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When we made reservations we were not told that they have a 35ft minimum. We have a 28ft boat but had to pay for a 35ft.. Reservation agent only told us the price difference to stay per day verses per week. Marine debris, seaweed, garbage floating in the slips is disgusting!! Bathroom not , there was food & hair in drain! Disgusting! Restaurants not open no choice, yet we were handed literature about all the bar & restaurant choices. Charged for ice, yet it is free at ocean edge which is another choice two seconds away. Charge for bikes, free at ocean edge. If a competitor marina 2 seconds away gives services free with a stay, they should NOT charge for the same services! No free kayaks, also free at ocean edge marina. Only one pool open, ocean edge had 6 pools open! Dirty poolside, there were Drink glasses left under lounge chair. Plants at entry way not maintained. Can’t get ice after 6pm, ship store closed. No fuel, tank broken for months. Must bring own towel to pool! Hello?! Laundry is not free, most marinas offer free with stay. Trash cans overflowing, i would try to remove trash from our boat but cans were always full and overflowing. I would not recommend this marina or hotel and I don’t believe they deserve even one star. Will follow my review here in social media. Manager at check out did not want to hear our concerns!

Marina Response:
First of all, thank you. Thank you for being our guest in these new and interesting times and more importantly, thank you for taking the time to record your experiences and share those with us. While this is never the kind of review we want to receive, we know that this is our opportunity to learn from you as our guest and work to improve what we do for you and for all of our other guests. We have an internal motto / question that we consistently ask ourselves: “Who do we work for?” Our answer is always - “Our guests.” This is more important now than ever, and your feedback helps us identify opportunities to improve the guest experience during these uncertain times. Let us try to respond to your challenges and concerns – point by point to ensure nothing is overlooked. 1) Our 35’ minimum: We are a deep water marina by design targeting and catering to vessels from 35’ all the way up to 400’. The depth and size of our basins makes this a perfect fit and we have built our docks accordingly. Our mistake here was making sure that was clearly communicated by our team, and were agreeable to that minimum and all of the benefits being in a world-class deep water marina should provide. We do outline this on our website and marketing but your feedback helps us understand there is still room for improvement which will immediately be implemented into our sales process. 2) Marine debris, seaweed, garbage floating in the water / trash: This is a never ending priority for us. During this time of year, the natural occurrence of Seaweed is more plentiful than others. Garbage and other debris in the marina waters is an unfortunate part of being in a semi-industrial harbor where commercial boats and business tend to not be as careful about what ends up overboard as you and our fellow guests do. As part of our daily protocols, our team removes trash from the water at least two times per day across the entire 40 plus acre resort complex and we record the amounts each day. Typically we collect more than two tons of trash from the marina waters per year. With the State and County limitations on occupancy for our property amenities as a result of the pandemic, our team is extremely lean, but we understand that has a direct impact on every part of our hospitality experience. We are working diligently to get our team back to full strength now that we are heading into week three of the official re-opening of the Florida Keys. 3) We are deeply concerned to hear this feedback on the state of the bathroom as our bathroom and shower facilities are a point of pride for us. We take your feedback very seriously and are working diligently with our team to ensure you, nor any other guest, ever experiences this again. In addition, our team has increased our cleanliness protocols as part of our Peace of Mind Promise, to help safeguard each of our guest’s health and safety throughout the entire property. 4) Restaurants not open / literature promoting those closed restaurants / one pool not open: As a direct result of the pandemic and State & County regulations, there have been modifications to some of our experiences here at the Stock Island Marina Village. As a matter of safety for both our guests and our team, Salty Oyster Dockside Bar was reopened first since it is features outdoor seating (with covered seating also available), as well as Matt’s Stock Island Kitchen & Bar for grab & go breakfast from 8am-12pm (again, to keep in mind the safety and health of both our guests and team members). We have every intention of restoring all three dining and bar experiences once additional regulations for capacity are lifted. 5) No fuel: Our fuel dock houses diesel fuel (up to 40,000 gallons). We are assuming you were seeking gasoline (Rec 90) and that is not currently available since we are in the process of upgrading that system. Our systems are underground and repairs and modifications to these systems take time and must be completed with great care. We expect to have this resolved soon. 6) Charging for ice, kayaks, laundry, and bikes: We understand every property has their own strategy for inclusions and respect that. For example, we do not charge an additional $20 fee for parking in addition to the resort fee as most other resorts do. Guests who stay at our property have direct access to a myriad of experiences you can’t find anywhere else, including onsite distillery, scooter and 3-wheel electric Arcimoto Key West rentals, artist studios, event lawn with raised stage and full schedule of events (free to all guests), 2 dog parks, and more. In our almost seven years of operation, it has always been our upmost goal to provide an unparalleled level of service, as well as transparency and honesty in the amenities, service, and experiences we have to offer. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and have already communicated opportunities for improvement to our team members. Your observations are critical to our success and again - we thank you for your time, your effort and your willingness to share. If you have further concerns, thoughts or ideas that can help us grow - please call us directly. We would be honored to have you back. In addition, please let us know if there is a good time to reach out so we can speak directly. Thank you again for being our guest at the Perry Hotel and the Stock Island Marina Village.
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