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PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Do not buy a gift certificate for your family or friends at Big Bay Point Lighthouse. I had purchased 3 gift certificates for my family when I stayed at the B & B. We are having so much difficulty getting anyone to call or email us to figure out why the gift certificates are saying already redeemed or expired. I know for a fact they are not expired. I had attempted 2 months ago to contact the B & B without any return call or email and in the past 5 days, I again have emailed daily and left voice messages without any return. While reading other peoples reviews, I noticed that there were several people stating that the keepers were rude. I had the same issue while I was there but had already purchased the GC's for my family by then. The keeper was the owner that was interviewed on national news. He acted like he had very little time or interest in speaking to us, going through the motions. Not a warm feeling at all while staying there. Also note, all the reviews that were not positive, not a single response or acknowledgement from the owner/manager. I've seen other businesses acknowledge a poor review and show a desire to improve. Perhaps this B & B owner has stopped realizing who the customer is, perhaps to comfortable with his success????