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I have owned boats my whole life. I’ve been to some ok places that perform boat services and a bunch of terrible places as I’m sure many boat owners have. Without a doubt, Doug (Owner of Boat Tie Marine) runs a first class operation and incredible customer service. I have used him many times and have been ALWAYS completely satisfied. I live in Shreveport and have had friends take there boat to Doug all the way down in Lake Charles! In closing I would like to tell a story that really sums up Doug. I was fishing on a Saturday on Lake Calcasieu with an important client when my troll motor suddenly quit working. I called Doug on my cell phone and he told me to bring it in. Unfortunately I had to buy a new troll motor. Doug immediately installed the new troll motor and by that afternoon we were back on the lake fishing. My client and I had a great fishing trip all because of Doug. Even my client commented about “who would stop what they were doing on a busy Saturday to immediately install a troll motor?” I told him, “Doug from Bowtie Marine, that’s who”.