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Very nice Marina close to town with marsh views. Opposite the Windsor Castle Park which is excellent for a variety of trails suitable for a run or walk through the Marsh Land and woods. Also has kayaks for rent. Town is charming. Food is nothing special at both the “highly rated” Marina restaurant and the brewery in town. But this is well worth a visit. Only irritant was a party with a band going on at the pool on the Saturday night, up to 11am, which was quite loud and next to where we tied up. We would rather have had a string quartet! Watch out for the James River Bridge which you pass to get there. It has clearance of only 60ft and if your a sailboat with a higher mast you have to call ahead a couple of hours‭ (757-247-2133‬), to schedule a raise. The bridge tender is very friendly and is happy to accommodate. We will be back!