Report Review

I have been a slipholder in Harbor Cove for more than 30 years. The marina has gone through renovations over the past couple years which has clearly improved the facility. The upgrades at the communal area where the A and B docks meet in North Basin are excellent. That said, there remain some concerns particularly regarding safety in the North basin. The rails on the fencing of the pathway leading to the ramps are flimsy and unstable. There is - or at least was- a potential hazard on the ramp leading to B dock due to missing and/ or incorrect bolting attaching the ramp to to dock standards. I do not know if that has been fixed/ addressed. Unlike the past (forever, it seems), despite the fact that boats remain in the marina well into December, the water has been turned off as of October 28. Another 2-3 weeks would seem much more reasonable and still safe