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Frist off, the marina is very nice. But for the price, there is no internet or cable tv. The staff helping to dock the boats are terrific! However, initially we were put in a slip that was barely 15 feet wide and our beam is just over 13 feet; we got in ok but we were at opposite ends of the marina from the friends we were traveling with. I asked to be moved closer and they accommodated us but after a half hour we were told that we were put in the wrong slip. If we wanted to be close to our friends we would have to be on the inside which is really too small for our boat. I asked to move back to the original slip but they said that they would help us in since "that is what they do." We accepted but it took grease to get us into that slip. I asked to change since I didn't know how I would get out of the slip without help; but, they didn't seem interested in doing that. After thinking about it, it made more sense to be back at the originally assigned slip but there was now another boat it that slip. They said that they would help me out in the morning but that I was "on my own" if we decided to leave before 8AM on Sunday. We understand that they were full but there seemed to be no interest in trying to help us out. Bottom line: I would not recommend this marina or would I o back to the New Harbor Boat Basin.