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Report Review

We made our reservations about an hour before arrival and we were given the choice of 2 slips, side by side. As we would be arriving after closing, there would be no help available and the wind was strong. Upon arrival, both slips were occupied and we had to back out of the fareway, we saw that there was a slip available on another dock but by taking it were we messing up another reservation? We took it. The slips are narrow (at least in the area we were in) so broad beamed boats should clearly ask about the beam of the slip assigned. We did not utilize the laundry room or bath house so I will assume they are in average condition. This marina and the entry channel are quite shallow if you venture a speck outside of the channel or away from the T-heads. All in all, I would return here but I would be sure to arrive early so a dockhand can confirm slip availability. Second, I would return knowing to expect the basics and be pleasantly surprised if my expectations are exceeded.