Report Review

Waited 3 years on a waiting list to get in. Finally got in last season. Since its your first year you have to start at the begining. Where my boat was hammered by the winds, tides , sand. Couldnt bring my family on board because of the low tide where they had to climb down a steep ladder. Or wait till high tide n have them jump in. No thanks. Due to the amount of sand that entered my boat i had to replace my maciator pump. Had to bring a shovel to remove the sand before washing it down. Iv had my boat in other marinas and this one by far was the worse.I now have 2 holes in my boat just under the anchor.From the anchor crashing up against there ladder. And yes my boat was secure.Theres no gas pump so be ready to drive to leonardo. After season was over took boat out couldnt believe the amount of algae and barnacles.Boat was just painted before putting in the water. This was my experience with this marina.