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My wife and I recently purchased a 24 foot Sea Ray from John at St.Clair Boat Sales. I have to say, I am very happy that in this day of declining customer service John Patterson is still going above and beyond. Not only did he meet us on our schedule, he even called us after the sale to make sure we got home okay! (we live 4 hours away) . The boat itself was a great deal and it was also detailed exceptionally well. John was able to answer all my questions about the boat and it's systems, was very knowledgeable and explained things in a way that I understood. I was blown away with how easy John made everything for us. I was expecting to have to change ownership, get the boat registered, get trailer plates..ect, all this was ready to go when we came to pick up the boat!! I had asked for some work to be done as part of our deal and not only did I get exactly what I had asked for (new head and windlass) all the work was done within a week and did not delay our pick up at all! I can't say how happy I am as a client and new boat owner. I would highly recommend St. Clair Boat Sales and specifically John Patterson to anyone in need of a good boat who appreciates a straight shooter. Thanks Again John! Keep making people smile! UPDATE TO THIS REVIEW After taking our boat home, we had a mechanic look at it. The mechanic was quick to point out that the boat's stern drive was not the Alpha One drive that is original with the boat. The stern drive that is on it is an SE116 Stern drive made in China. The difference in quality and longevity is miles away from the original quality of the Alpha One drive. I would have been okay with this if it had been disclosed at the time of purchase. I had specifically asked John if the drive was an Alpha or Bravo drive to which he replied "I don't know". After I found out about the drive being a knock off I then texted John to ask why it was not disclosed, at the time of purchase .John had made a big deal about how they had just serviced the lower drive and how it has all new gimbal and boots. When asked about the cheaper knock off Steen drive John replied with " we sell lots of boats with these drives " which indicates that he knew exactly that it was not the drive that should have been on the boat. John then said he would call me back after the current water test he was doing was finished. That was Sunday, it is now Wednesday and I have called and emailed but have still heard nothing from them. BUYERS BEWARE..... Even well reviewed companies will still try to get away with shady dealing if they feel they can. I doubt that John would be dodging my calls if I didn't live 4 hours away!! 2nd Update, After changing my review online I got an email back right away, surprise surprise. Here is that response verbatim: Hi Cliff, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm sorry you feel that way about the stern drive. You inspected the boat on the trailer. We did not try to hide anything. The boat water tested fine. Warm Regards, Obviously once the sale is done so is the good customer service. May now get 2 disappointing after such a good start.