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We took a mooring here and didn’t make it into the facility itself this time but other times we’ve been everything shore side has been in good shape. There were 3 pendants on our mooring that were tangled together so it took a couple of tries to pick up. Once on I spent some time separating the two heavy ones from the lighter one that we used. If it had been stormy the big pendants would have been nice to have. The harbor is very well protected from storms of any size and other than an occasional mysterious wake and the distant sound and occasional smell of the largest fishing port on the East coast it’s a perfect spot. This visit, rather than walking from Pope Island we took the launch directly to town for supper at DNB Burgers. The burgers are fantastic and the Poutine is the best I’ve had South of the Canadian border. New Bedford has become much more visitor friendly over the years. I highly recommend it for a visit.