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Stay far away from this marina. I docked my boat here. The mechanics are not certified, changed often and terrible. The owners will not allow anyone else to work on your boats but they will send your boat to outside mechanics and charge you the bill plus a tack on for themselves. The channel is dangerously low all the time because the flood gate pushes sand into the channel when it closes several times a month. Be prepared to have your engine water intake clogged with sand several times a year which costs at least $500 a shot and may destroy your engine. Dredging only helps for a short period and the sand returns due to flood gates. Owners will not tell you this fact. Do yourself a favor and dock anywhere but this place. The owners remind me of the inn-keepers in Les Miserables. Other area marina's are much better and don't fall for the "we have a flood gate so your boat is safe" line. The flood gate is more of a hassle and you can get stuck outside the gate for hours at a time getting eaten alive by bugs. In any major storm you can always pull your boat out anyway. You've been warned. In 2014 no one could use their boats because of the low channel. The area joke is a canoe would ground in this channel. STAY AWAY!