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I'm am not one to ever leave an unflattering review but last summer our 36 foot power boat banged up both our props badly enough to need a diver and very pricey repairs. The water depth is absolutely not any more than 3.5 feet at low tide and I should have done more research beforehand. Anyone claiming otherwise here is clearly a Cortlandt YC co-op member trying to garner transient business. -On the subject of the pool, there is no room to safely swim without being right ontop of others and with covid going on, it was frightening. NYS also severly limits how many people can be in a pool at once but here it wasn't regulated at all. As for the mechanics there such as George, get ready to get jerked around and have a no show. We ended up having to get towed out get to a nearby marina to get repaired the next morning. Three other long time boaters there gingerly told us that one can only travel in and out of the marina at high tide. Should have realized when the whole approach to the marina sea wall entrance kept our low depth alarm going off. Some of the members were trying their hardest to help out but we wouldn't repeat.