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What a shame. Floating docks were in terrible disrepair. Metal frames jutting out several inches from dock would have put some deep gouges in my boat if dock master had not pointed them out. To his credit, he helped me do a 4 point tie up to keep the boat off the dock. But cleats were missing so he had to tie around the frame of the dock or run around pilings to get the right angle. The docks are metal and some segments are twisted so they are not a level surface. Upon arrival, no answer on vhf. I had to tie up at fuel dock and find someone. Required a $20 cash deposit for marina gate key - a first for me in doing the Great Loop. To boot, was tied for most expensive marina on this leg of trip, running the length of Erie. What attracted me is the adjacent Clarion hotel. It was good. If Dunkirk invested in this marina, I would think it would be a jewel. I’m sure they know it and I’m sure they have their reasons.