Report Review

We showed up on Memorial day weekend and it was NUTS! Crazy clueless drunken boaters coming and going all day long to enjoy the party. The Dockmasters ability to communicate our slip arrangement was limited and frustrating. The dock hands (guys in green shirts) running around were doing the IMPOSSIBLE, helping EVERYONE! Totally appreciated they did in fact have a slip for us but I was not certain until the last minute. With all the day trippers docking what seemed like anywhere they wanted I was certain our spot was lost but I was wrong. The green shirts shoe people away from going in the wrong spots and help to ensure all boats dock safely. The seen for a weekend was amazing, fun, met some great people, had a great pizza, and a few drinks. While noisy during the day once the sun went down the place emptied out and we had all to ourselves. Would definitely stop here again! I wish every marina would publish a map on Dockwa with dock numbers/names/letters and then share the expected slip assignment the morning of our arrival so we can rig lines and fenders accordingly. Was impossible to get that info out of them by e-mail, phone, only 3 minutes before docking did we know we had a place to go.