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This marina is a DUMP! GYB seems to continue to go downhill, there is a reason the marina is half-empty and they are offering six months free rent. The bathrooms are filthy, the docks are covered with bird poop, and the covered slips rain rust down on your boat. Management does not care or have any customer service. They will promise you anything to get you to sign a lease then change the rules. Recently when my current year lease expired, I explained to management that my boat was up for sale and I did not expect to have it for another year. They offered me a month-to-month or a year lease while selling my boat. The year lease was $90 a month cheaper with the option to break the lease at any time and pay the month-to-month rate for the months I occupied the slip. After three months I sold my boat, they decided to keep my $540 deposit and say they forgot to mention that my deposit was forfeited. Even though this was all documented in email I was told they made a mistake but too bad. I also was told the pump out and boat ramp was included then later they change the rules. The pump out is now $20 per use and the boat ramp is $1500 per year. How considerate to tack on $1500 per year fee to the $460 per month slip fee. The fuel dock might be open or it might not, depending on the day, don’t bother expecting them to be open during the posted hours. Same thing applies to the bait camp, no real hours, just open when they want. Read the online reviews and talk to people who have spent time at this marina before signing a lease.