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This is probably the nivest marina on Clear Lake. Not perfect but wanted to address the negative 1 star review. The disgruntled old sailboater is wrong, inexperienced Boater, and just mean in general to leave such a hurtful/hateful review, probably because he is mad that he didnt get to cheat the marina out of the dues. The depth of 4' is completely wrong. This marina has been dredged out, and averages 8+ feet. There are tons of Sailboats, and other large yachts, can assure you that if it was less then 4' none of those boats would be there. I know what he is refering to though. In the channel at enrance/exit to marina on the east side outside of the channel there is a shallow sand bar to which inexperienced Boaters become stranded on often. This isn't part of the marina, or a responsibility of the Marina. It's responsibility of the Boater to know waterways he's operating in, I can tell from the ignorance, and hatefulness of that person's comment he doesn't know what he's doing on the water, and is just reaching for some b.s. reason to leave a mean comment because he had to pay for using the marina....Nothing cheaper, and more hitter in this world then an ignorant old Sailboater...especially one who doesn't know how to read Navigation charts or run his Sailboat. Point is though this is a nice marina with lots of amenities, on the pricey side, only flaw I'd say is the fuel pumps have been known to have issues.. Hope this helps.