Report Review

I must start out saying that the AMCYC is in a great location and has a great view, but my praise has to stop there. We had our reservation for 9/10-9/11 confirmed -by them -on 9/1 yet when we arrived and tried to hail them - both by radio and telephone (answering machine full) no answer for over half an hour! Finally decided to head in, tie up and wait when I finally received a call back on my telephone (even though I couldn’t leave them a message). They insisted that Dockwa should have given me my slip assignment - but never received that from AMCYC through Dockwa. The men’s bathroom was in rough shape - dirty when I arrived - and one stall never had any toilet paper the entire time! Over heard one slipholder complain on what a “pigsty” the bathroom was. Women’s better - still trash not emptied and not clean. No one was around (management) until the morning I was leaving - and he - dockmaster - seemed surprised I was there - like he had no clue I had a reservation. Pool was closed, captains room closed, office closed - and to top it all off - the Wi-Fi password that we got on the welcome paper was wrong. Have to say - for the money charged - you would be better off going just about anywhere else - unless you like not having amenities, dirty restrooms, no one around to make sure things are right, no one to answer your calls, and like paying the same or more that you would for ANY of the nearby marinas in Eastport or Annapolis. Oh, and we checked those marinas - fully staffed and all services and amenities open! Save you money and frustration - go somewhere else!