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My family and I just returned from a week on Nantucket staying at the Boat Basin. While this was out first stay at the Basin, we have been to the island a number of times. Nantucket as an island never disappoints. Its a great place to visit with beautiful beaches. As for the Boat Basin it is fine as a marina but comes up well short for value. I have been to all the surrounding islands and ports and no one charges 7.50 a foot. This is very high given that the accommodation is just average. The docks a fine, the staff is very nice , the showers, at least on our dock, are just ok. On the plus side, the location is great and the wifi was very strong. Oh, and gas was$5.25 /gal. On my return from Nantucket, I stopped at Martha's Vineyard and paid $3.25, competitive with mainland prices. Being run by the same organization that runs the premium hotels on the island, I can only guess that they are not interested in boaters in the 30-40 ft range and believe owners of large yachts can pay their premium price. Being the only marina on Nantucket with transient docks makes this an issue. Perhaps the town should offer space on their large dock. I plan on visiting the island again but not with out boat. It just is not worth it.