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I'm a Rhode Island boater so I'm fortunate to have my pick of amazing places to go. While Block Island is in our back yard and always in our hearts, Nantucket Boat Basin is at the TOP of me and my entire crews list of places to stay. NBB is hands down the all encompassing stay. They have a small army of dock hands walking the docks at all times. The often know you on a first name basis. The head Dockmaster Christina bends over backwards for you every time to only only get you in, but get you in your favorite spot from previous stays. Security on the docks tight. And the very best part, all the best restaurants and bars are in walking distance to the marina. 5 Star Dining!!!! I don't write many reviews (good or bad). And this place is THAT good that I took the time to write this one. I can't wait for the season to hit. It's our first stop every season. Weekend before Memorial Day......WINE FEST!!!! Simply the best. Happy cruising my friends. Gabagoo - 50 Post