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Report Review

" For over 40 years we've been visiting the Nantucket Boat Basin as we have travelled the world on the water. During the last 3 years there is a REMARKABLE and SIGNIFICANT improvement in both the services and the design enhancements at what has always been a global destination for thousands every summer. From the reservation system and new communications once reserved all the way to the special handling by the dock attendants and then the really special personal touches like the Saturday afternoon Wine and Cheese on the docks, the NANTUCKET BOAT BASIN makes every effort to engage, comfort and relate to every individual boater that comes there. It is truly a SEVEN (7) Star experience, and this year we noticed many many boaters from further away EXTENDING their stay (If they could retain their much 'in demand' slips) just BECAUSE of how they felt dockside every day. We'll certainly be there at least another 50 years (we hope)." Frank a. Stasiowski, Owner, Hinckley 44 SERENITY.