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Payne's Dock itself is not a bad place to stay (not top of the list). My experience is this (you decide whether you'd choose to stay here or not). - Called the day before arrival to inform them we were not going to make it for sunday stay but would be there Monday. Response was ok, no problem. Then Rudely stated "I don't have time to deal with that right now, Just come here tomorrow and we will deal with it then." I then sent a message immediately on Dockwa to ensure we were on the same page. - Arrived Monday morning per reservation change. - They do not monitor a VHF channel, you have to call them on the phone, I did. - Called Payne's phone, This is the vessel *****, I am here for my reservation. Can you tell me where I should go and also which side to set my lines and fenders? Response: "I don't even know what you have for a boat, how long you plan on staying or where I'm putting you, just pull over to the flag pole". - Pulled over to the flag pole (no lines or fenders ready for obvious reasons). guy yelling from the dock (couldn't hear him) telling me he doesn't have me on the reservation list. Also yelled that I need to go through Dockwa to reserve. See prior notes. I stated that we spoke yesterday and also did go through Dockwa and have the reservation as changed in Dockwa. He was EXTREMELY rude (complete opposite of Champlin's- a little more $$ but well worth it). - Told me where to go and worked with the other boaters to squeeze me into a spot, tied me up then walked away. Didn't say anything about the place, what I'm supposed to do for anything except where the power was. I could not believe the rudeness of this individual (even the other person who I was with asked if this is how marinas usually treat their customers, I said not that I have ever experienced). That is my experience with Payne's. I would stay there again if it was my only choice otherwise I will choose a different location next time. Hopefully the management reads this and does something about this individual and their process, neither is good.