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Complete shit show! After circling in high winds and with a damaged prop for 1/2 hour amongst 4 other boats we called the office. Asked why we were watching people without reservations getting in before us. ‘Reservations don’t really matter’ we were told.. “dockhands are busy and will get to you when they can”. 1.5 hours later we were brought in and rafted up to another boat (raft ended up being 6 boats long) and the marina owner told our neighboring boat who complained ‘if you don’t like it than leave’. 11 of us 35’ - 60’ boats ended up being rafter stern to stern, 6 in one row and 5 in another. Couldn’t even see the water. Drunk people were scampering across the boats at all hours of day and night. Our boat now has foot prints, dog prints and rub marks all over the decking and sides. For that much $ it is a joke! If you expect it, fine. But we had no idea THAT was the culture there and will not return.